>>> Audrey and Robert – “Don’t touch the jugs.”
Audrey and Robert have been married for 11 years and live in the Midwestern region of the US. Audrey and I had been working on a number of life goals in our coaching together. One of the challenges Audrey was faced with was getting her husband Robert to pitch in more around the house. Audrey wanted Robert to ‘pull his weight more’. A self-confessed control freak, Audrey came to realize that she was demanding this standard from Robert, not attracting it out of him. I explained to Audrey how men need to feel thanked, acknowledged and appreciated for the EFFORT as well as any result they produce. The more acknowledged they are for their efforts to accomplish or achieve a task or goal, the more they will gravitate towards that task. This was a hard concept to grasp at first for Audrey and our conversation went something like this:

“Carl, the water jugs for the water cooler have been sitting outside on the front stoop for two weeks now! Doesn’t he see them?!? You have to step OVER them in order to get in the front door. I have been telling Robert for two weeks to bring them in and he still hasn’t done it. I would bring them in myself but it is winter time, they are all frozen, and they are too heavy for me to carry. What gives?
Carl: “How is your strategy for getting the water jugs into the house working for you?”
Audrey: (frustrated) “Well. It’s not!”

“Would you like to try an experiment?”
Audrey: “I would try anything at this point”

: “OK, here is the experiment. Don’t say another word about the water jugs being outside on the front step. Don’t mention it at all. When Robert brings the water jugs in inside (and he WILL bring the water jugs inside) thank him, acknowledge him and appreciate him for the EFFORT as well as the result. And then walk away. Audrey reluctantly agrees.
Two weeks later during our next scheduled coaching session…
Audrey: ‘Carl, I would never have believed it. I did what you said, and I must admit it was hard to bite my tongue when Robert finally brought those water jugs inside. I thanked him, acknowledged him, and told him I appreciated him for all he does around the house. And then I walked away, biting my tongue. The next morning, Robert woke up early and made me breakfast. While I was getting dressed, Robert made the bed, waited for me to finish dressing and then we sat and talked before he left for the office. That has NEVER happened before in our marriage! Thank you!”
>>> Peter launches his dream business and exceeds projections!
Given the name of the seminar, you would think that most people would attend our Beyond Soulmate® seminar events for relationship reasons. Not Peter. Peter and I met when I was the keynote speaker at an annual convention for business owners. My topic? Networking skills and how your body language influences others. Peter and I spoke after the presentation and I invited him to attend the Beyond Soulmate® seminar, noting that attraction is attraction; regardless of whether it is people, relationships, business, money, health, etc. Attraction is attraction and works on the same principles.

Peter, a former CFO, wants to open a sales and networking business. He participates in the seminar and uses the Sunday goal-setting workshop to design his dream business. Later that same year (approximately 6 months have passed), Peter tells me he has already exceeded his 1-year projections, and will more than likely exceed his 2 year projections by the end of his first fiscal year!! “Oh, and by the way Carl, my relationship with my daughter has improved as well.”
>>> Paul threatens Linda with the fruit (and finds his mission).
On the Saturday session at the Beyond Soulmate® seminar, one of the main topics for the men is how to become solid, grounded and certain about their masculine mission. A man on his masculine mission is much more confident, present and directed. Paul tried this out on his girlfriend Linda after the Saturday session. Paul established his ‘mission’ of surprising Linda with a massage. Paul tells Linda to roll over onto her stomach, offering no other explanation. True to her feminine spirit, Linda resists, testing Paul’s masculine mission. Paul persists, staying true to his ‘mission’. He says to Linda, “Roll onto your stomach, or I’ll dump this plate of fruit on you.” Linda resists more. Paul insists, now fully committed to his mission. He becomes fully present, doesn’t play into Linda’s little game of ‘hard to get’, and calmly repeats his request. Linda feels Paul’s certainty and direction. She trusts his direction and surrenders into Paul’s request. As a result, Linda receives a wonderful surprise and an even better massage! Paul validates within himself the power of being on purpose and connected to your mission. They share their story on the Sunday morning debrief of the prior day’s events.
>>> Nancy attracts her Charmed Life® Mate, gets a promotion, and returns to Beyond Soulmate® victorious (and married)!
Nancy attended Beyond Soulmate® eager to make changes in many areas of her life. She was very open-minded and dove into the exercises that were set forth. Nancy created her Charmed Life® plan for the man of her dreams, the promotion of her dreams, and the business of her dreams. She followed her plan. It worked like a charm! The next year, Nancy returned to Beyond Soulmate® with her husband Tom. Nancy also reported that she got her promotion, and that she and Tom were about to purchase a business that they had dreamed of owning! Nancy and Tom are a great example of the power of attraction.