Coaching ~ Mentoring ~ Training
The CMT program
CMT Program provides the same benefits to small and medium-sized businesses.
Services Provided to the Professional, the Individual, and the Enterprise:
1. Business Mentoring
2. Executive Coaching
3. Training Programs for Team Building, Sales, Influence, Leadership, Time Management, Milestones Life and Enterprise Planning.
4. Assessment Tools and Implementation of Company / Corporate Structure.
5. Mastering Change in the Workplace
6. Gender relations.
7. Conflict Resolution.
8. Effective Communication
9. Strategies for Influence
10. Understanding your Behavioral (Personality) Style, Your Management Style, Your Value Structure, Your Own Communication and Processing Style.
The CMT Program is an ever-evolving center for higher achievement as it's main focus and mission to provide cutting-edge technologies and results-focused strategies to position its clients to anticipate the needs of our changing professional and personal culture.
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