Business Mentoring
Q: What is a mentor?
A: A trusted advisor.
Q: When a performer/actor/athlete accepts an award, whom does (s)he thank?
A: They acknowledge and thank those who believed in them, those who guided them, those who took them 'under their wing'. Aren't they describing the mentors in their lives?
Your business mentor has successfully traveled down the path that you are about to embark. By developing a relationship with a Business Mentor, you will master the following:
- Strategies that accelerates success in your field / industry.
- Get the 'insider knowledge' as to what the shortcuts are in your field
- Avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes.
- Eliminate the frustrations and the stress in your business (and give it to your competition !!!)
- Clarify your goals and create the strategic plan for their attainment.
- Employ the strategies of the top 10% most successful people in your field.
- Become a significant player in your industry
"Whom will you thank when you are at the podium?"
Your Business Mentor is a behind-the-scenes expert and advisor committed to your success and the success of your business. Surely you remember teachers, coaches, role models from your past that shaped you and impacted the direction of your life. Here is your chance to set your sights even higher than before and work side-by-side with the person that can facilitate and be a catalyst for your dream.
"It's like having 'insider' information ( the inside scoop)"
Platinim Package: $1200 per month for weekly phone based coaching*
Professional Package: $600 per month for bi-monthly coaching*
* Pricing Includes 1 free initial coaching session.
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