Accurate Assessment Tools for Your Organization
Effective Communication
Building Relationships / Teams
Matching People to Roles / Jobs / Projects
- What drives you to live the life you do everyday?
- What do you truly believe your work environment should be like?
- Does your career choice support your personality style?Your management style?
- What is the right job / career path for you?
- Are you hiring people that are compatible with the requirements of the job?
We proudly offer the following instruments:
1. Employee - Manager (Your personal behavior style)
2. Sales
3. Executive
4. Team Building
5. Customer Service
6. Work Environment
7. Successful Career Planning
8. Sales Strategy Index
9. PIAV - Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values (Why you do what you do.)
10. Time P.L.U.S.
11. Interviewing Insights (General Version)
12. Interviewing Insights (Sales Version)
13. Communicating with Style!
14. Relationships Insights
15. Family Talk (Parent Version)
16. Family Talk (Young Adult Version)
What ever your personal, professional, or organizational needs; our assessment tools can suit them. How do we know this? We know this because our assessments are scientific, validated, reliable and tested. Feedback from our clients is that they feel the instrument was over 90% accurate in assessing their style. Please review our menu of assessment instruments and contact us for a free consultation* so that we may address your particular needs.
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